The U.S. Geological Survey says California's North Bay area can expect aftershocks to continue after Sunday's big shaker centered south of Napa.  The USGS has reported well over 50 aftershocks between magnitude 2.5 and 3.6 since yesterday's magnitude 6.0 earthquake. 

The agency says dozens of aftershocks in the magnitude 3 to 5 range can be expected over the next seven days.  While the agency predicts only a five to ten-percent chance of a larger than magnitude 6 quake, there is still about a 36-percent chance of a strong aftershock of magnitude 5.0 or more. 

Over 200 people have been treated for injuries received in the early morning temblor.  Governor Jerry Brown has issued a state of emergency due to the damage to water and gas mains, homes and other buildings, as well as roads and highways. 

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PHOTO: Getty Images