Larry Cheshier's Music
Mile Marker 110
Bullet Holes
Kiss My Past
Skillet Ditch
How Can Anyone
Hillbilly Love
Through The Fire

About Larry Cheshier

Larry Lee Cheshier, Jr. began his music career at the young age of 3 when he played guitar and sang Folsom Prison Blues, winning the Little Mr. Tuckerman contest in Tuckerman, Arkansas. Shortly afterwards, his father, Larry Cheshier, Sr, moved the family to Nashville, Tennessee, while his father pursued his dream of becoming a country music songwriter. While there he watched his father write songs for some of the classic greats like Lynn Anderson, Joe Stampley, Ray Stevens, George Jones and Ernest Tubb. One of the songs written by his dad was “Hell Yes, I Cheated,” which is known for being one of the most played jukebox songs in the 70’s. This period in Larry’s childhood greatly influenced his appreciation for country music and the beauty of a well-written song. When Larry was 12, he and his family moved back to their hometown of Newport, Arkansas. It was here that Larry and his friends had many of the adventures reflected in his writing. He learned the joys of small town Arkansas like backroading, riverbanks, and parties around bonfires. During this time, Larry put his musical talents on the backburner and turned his focus to baseball. Country music still played a large part in his life, as he remembers driving around with his friends singing Waylon Jennings and Hank Jr. songs over and over.

Larry went to college at Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas, on a baseball scholarship. During his free time, he turned to music once again, teaching himself to be a better guitar player. He continued singing and playing as a hobby, but didn’t pursue it as a career. His mother died when he was 19 and this really had an impact on him and why he can relate to the old sad songs. He went on to get a degree in Sports Management and worked at various jobs such as sales, beer delivery, investments, and insurance, but could never find his niche. He went through a painful divorce in 2005 which took him through some of his darkest hours and caused him to feel lost and alone. But it was at this point that he found himself and again rediscovered his love of music. He began writing down his life experiences as songs and decided that he would pursue his dream as a country music singer/songwriter.

He moved to North Little Rock, Arkansas, and began singing his original songs at open mic nights around the city. He, his father, brother and girlfriend worked together writing songs and decided to record a CD with their 10 favorite songs.