Hamburgers on doughnuts. Turkey legs bigger than balloons. Battered and deep-fried candy bars. Of all the overindulgent food at the Miami-Dade County Fair, none stood out more Friday than the world’s largest hot dog. Weighing in at 125½ pounds the dog was cooked for three hours on a 100-foot mobile grill that travels from fair to fair on the bed of a 27-ton tractor-trailer. The naked dog tipped the scale at 51 pounds; the rest of the heft came from a gargantuan bun and gallons of condiments.

... Brett Enright, founder and CEO of Juicy’s Outlaw Grill, already holds the Guinness record for largest commercially available hamburger. His 777-pound behemoth burger costs $5,000 and can be ordered with two days’ notice. Like Juicy’s burger, the world’s largest commercially available hot dog is available to order for your next wedding, bar mitzvah or dinner party, a relative bargain at $1,000.