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Bulldog Tries To Warn A Girl On Scary Movie

This bulldog is all of us... Trying to warn a character in a movie that danger is coming! Good dog!
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Real Life Game Of Where's Waldo For Kids In The Hospital

A construction worker is cheering up kids at an area hospital by hiding a large cutout of Waldo on the job site across the street!
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WATCH: A Mailman Out On The Hottest Day Of The Year And Then This Happens!

This mailman got an unexpected surprise while working in the blazing summer heat!
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Chris Stapleton To Help Celebrate Charlie Daniels' 80th Birthday

Charlie Daniels' birthday party and "Volunteer Jam" is the kind of birthday party you dream of! Check out this lineup!
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Realtor Holds Intruder At Gunpoint While Trying To Show A House

A Jonesboro realtor was showing a house when she found one too many additions to the house she was selling!
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Man Quits Job For Pokemon Go!

24 year old Tom Currie quit his job to become a "full-time" Pokémon Go player
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Bill Nye says Noah's Ark is "troubling and disturbing"...

The new life size Noah's Ark got an unexpected visit from Bill Nye and sparks began to fly...
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Forget Pokemon, Give Me This!!!

The public transit system in Amsterdam has a game on every tram to "catch" passersby!
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Woman Burns Brisket... In The Bathtub?

Knoxville woman melted her bathtub after trying to barbecue her brisket in it...
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Weatherman Interrupted By Pokemon Go Search

One Florida news anchor walked through the middle of a meteorologist's LIVE weather forecast!!! Hilarious!
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