Right out of High School, I worked at a Papa John's for a while. Yeah, there are some good days and bad days, but this just made me smile! Keep your chin up, there are still some really good people out there!


One pizza deliveryman in Portland, Ore., got a very special delivery of his own after working a disappointing shift the night before.

"It was just a regular delivery and I didn't get tipped, so whatever," Andrew Shaffer, a Papa John's employee of five years, told GoodMorningAmerica.com of the seemingly thankless trip to one couple's home during his shift on March 28.

A hardworking employee, he didn't call attention to the measly $23 dollars he was handed for the total $22.67 tab, choosing to just grin and keeping moving to his next stop.

The next day, however, something unexpected happened when Schaffer, 25, walked into work. Without missing a beat, his boss asked if he remembered making a delivery to the address that stiffed him.

"He gave me their address and I was like, 'Yes,' because I remembered they didn't tip me," Schaffer explained.

 The couple had apparently stopped by Papa John's, "and I was worried because I didn't think I was rude to them," said Schaffer, unsure of why else they'd make the effort to come in to the store.

Much to Schaffer's surprise, it was quite the contrary.

"He [Schaffer's boss] handed me a card and it said, 'A Thank You Note' across the front," the shocked employee recalled. "And I opened it up and it totally made my day. I had never gotten anything like that from a customer in six years of delivering."

The handmade card from the couple had a stamped cupcake on the front, and inside contained an additional $20 bill to make up for their tipping miscalculations the night prior.

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