I thought I would take a shot at doing something a little different today and give my thoughts on a new album release. I got the chance to listen to the new album #FUSE from Keith Urban today and here's what I can tell you about it...

From the moment I got my hands on the new CD, I could tell this would be something a little different from previous KU offerings. Can't really tell you how the album art made me think that, but he's photographed out in a field that's covered in an orange light, almost like it's on fire...

Once I started listening to the album, I understood why. Because Keith Urban really is "on fire" with this new release! It starts out with "Somewhere In My Car", which could have been a ballad, but instead is an up tempo track about love and loss. Immediately, I was captivated by the change of methods compared to "Tonight I Wanna Cry" and other songs of sorrow.

While listening to the album, I took a peek at the track listing (which by the way, is written in a font that is really out of focus - not a fan of that). I immediately saw tracks featuring Miranda Lambert and Eric Church. Gotta tell you, it was hard not to skip ahead to those and give them a listen!

Once I finished the album, here's what I took away from it and why I wanted to write this up... First of all, this entire record seems to come from a brighter, more energetic place than some of his other CDs. There's almost a renewed spirit in this album that I haven't heard from Keith Urban in a while. It feels fresh and new! Secondly, the direction he took with the new tracks is different, but in a good way. I hate to say that he sounds "more confident", but that's really what I get out of it. He's left his comfort zone on this one, and I hope he stays out there! Finally, if you're a Keith Urban fan, this album is THE album to add to your collection. If you're not already a Keith Urban fan, this album will change your mind. Each track flows right to the next, and keeps you on what I can only say is a musical thrill ride, mixing in some great special guests and some great songwriting and production!

To sum it up, this is not the usual from Keith Urban. As much as I love his previous stuff (I own all his albums to date), this is the CD that will be on repeat in my car for weeks to come. Toe tapping, steering wheel drumming, singing along all the way. All I have left to say is, GET THIS ALBUM! You won't regret it.


PS - Album release party is tomorrow in NYC and we will be broadcasting that LIVE at 1pm on KSSN, so be sure to listen in!