Just days of the death of Casey Kasem, we're learning of another show biz icon whose family is arguing over his care.

Glen Campbell is now confined to a Nashville facility specializing in Alzheimer's disease. And his eldest daughter Debby feels he's getting substandard care. She tells Country Weekly, "I think my dad deserves better than this. I'm not saying it's bad by any means, but I don’t think he's getting the attention that he needs."

The child of Glen's first marriage, Debby doesn't have the warmest relationship with Campbell's current wife, Kim. In fact, she fired Debby, who'd often sung backup for her dad, early in Glen's 2012 Goodbye Tour.

Kim and Glen moved to Nashville in 2013 -- and Debby is concerned that the ailing singer does not receive enough attention from Kim and their children. She says her father still recognizes her -- but doesn't always realize she is his daughter.

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