COVID silver lining: men are doing more housework!

There could be a silver lining to the COVID-19 crisis for families: More moms and dads are splitting domestic duties evenly now. Newresearchfinds men are pitching in more around the house these days than they did pre-pandemic. A recent survey of 16-hundred parents by the Council on Contemporary Families reveals in the majority of households, the division of housework and childcare has become more equal.

Before the coronavirus hit, only 27% of parents reported sharing regular housework relatively equally, but by mid-April, that went up to 42%. Dads have also been doing more hands-on childcare recently. Pre-pandemic, 45% of parents say they split childcare relatively equally, but that’s shot up to 56% since stay-at-home orders started.

This may be one of the few good things to come from COVID-19, but the real question is - will it last? Researchers are optimistic, but point out the fact men are doing more at home these days has to do with them working from home. If dads head back to the office, things could shift back to the way they were before, with women taking on more childcare and household chores. But if companies continue to let employees work from home permanently, this new division of household equality could be here to stay.

Source:Working Mother