The lockdown has us all feeling pooped!!

There’s no doubt a lot of Americans are just tired of the whole coronavirus quarantine, but the truth is, a lot of Americans are simply tired in general. 

A new survey finds:

  • 60% of Americans say the coronavirus crisis has left them feeling more tired than ever.
  • 60% say they had more trouble sleeping during the quarantine than they did before.
  • 68% of Americans say their sleep schedules have become more and more inconsistent during lockdown.
  • That’s lead to 63% worrying that the damage may be permanent.
  • As for what folks are doing when they can’t fall asleep, they include:
    • Watch TV – (45%)
    • Have a snack – (34%)
    • Meditate – (33%)
    • Play games on their phone – (30%)
    • Scroll through social media on their phone – (30%)
    • Read a book – (30%)
    • Take an over-the-counter sleep aid – (27%)
    • Take prescription medication – (24%)
    • Have an alcoholic beverage – (24%)
    • CBD – (15%)

And for most people, it isn’t justtheirsleep routines that have been affected by the lockdown.

  • 56% say their entire household’s sleep routine has been disrupted.
  • 68% say it’s been hard to maintain their children’s sleep routines during lockdown, although 35% have had an easier time putting kids to bed.
  • 44% of people say being able to wake up later, has led them to go to bed later. 

SOURCE: Conducted by OnePoll on behalf ofLeesa Sleep, the survey found that six in 10 respondents reported they’ve had more trouble sleeping during the coronavirus outbreak than they usually do.

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