Steps to detach yourself from social media

If you haven’t seen the Netflix documentary “The Social Dilemma,” here is the main takeaway. Social media is bad. That may be oversimplifying it but you’re probably not shocked to hear that tech experts who have worked everywhere from Facebook to YouTube to Pinterest say social media is having a damaging impact on humanity. If you’ve been wanting to break your habit, here are some ways to start.

  • Turn Off Your Notifications. Beat the FOMO by shutting off the notifications. Instead of getting those constant reminders that there is something on the internet that you’re missing, you’ll be able to keep living your life, and actually doing your work. Instead of just pretending.
  • Limit Yourself. If you’re heavily addicted to your feed, you may need to get a stopwatch to limit yourself. Set a reasonable goal and stick to it. It’s going to be a big test of your willpower, but no one said beating the urge to scroll would be easy.
  • Get A New Hobby. Can’t use your thumb to scroll if it’s being used for something else. Find something else to fill your spare time other than flicking around on your friend’s photos and memes. You might be saying ‘I am too busy for a hobby’ but we both know that’s a lie. Want proof? Track the amount of time you spend on social media every week. Look at all that free time.
  • Make It A Treat. Instead of making it a daily binge, make it a treat. When you get something done at work, give yourself ten minutes of Instagram time. Do something productive at home? You just earned yourself a half-hour of TikTok. Changing your mindset may be all you need to take back your time from the phone zone.

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