Why guys don't post "lovey-dovey" things on social media

There are couples that are constantly posting about each other online and then there are the couples whose social media presence together amounts to the annual holiday group photo. If you’re in the latter category, and you’re wondering why your boo doesn’t gush over how cute you are, here’s some info that might help. Vice tracked down some straight guys to find out why they never post about their partner.

  • Self-preservation in case of a breakup. Some guys just want to save themselves the hassle of having to get rid of them later if things don’t work out. Franco for example says “I look back at my posts and half the people there are snakes [...] You make a page that’s all about your partner, and next thing you know you can’t even handle scrolling down to delete the pictures.”
  • Privacy. Some dudes just don’t feel like it’s necessary to let strangers know how their life is going. Freddie says he doesn’t “feel any need to show people that I’m in a relationship by posting pictures of my partner online, in the same way that I feel no need to show people what I look like or what I’m doing.” Because the only likes you should be worried about are the ones at home, right?
  • Too Distracted Being Together. Joey says that he and his girlfriend simply have too much fun together to stop and take pics. According to him, they’re “just never on [their] phones much when [they’re] together.” Clearly, Joey didn’t quarantine with his boo.

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