Man Arrested After Bragging About Storming The Capitol On Dating App

A New York man was arrested for storming the United States Capitol Building on January 6 after he bragged about his involvement on the dating app Bumble. Federal officials said that Robert Chapman began chatting with an unidentified woman he was matched with and admitted that he was part of the riot.

"I did storm the Capitol and made it all the way to Statuary Hall," he told her.

"We are not a match," the woman responded.

She then took screenshots of Chapman's admission and sent them to the FBI. Investigators also discovered several Facebook posts Chapman allegedly made using a fake account.

Chapman was taken into custody by the FBI and charged with knowingly entering a restricted building and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds. He was released on his own recognizance following a teleconference in federal court.

He was also arrested by New York state police in 2017. The details of the arrest were not immediately known.

Chapman is not the first person involved in the Capitol riots to get busted for posting about them on a dating app. According to the Washington Post, several people scoured dating apps looking for photos of people breaking the law in the days after the insurrection attempt. About a week after the riots, some of the most popular dating apps, including Bumble, Tinder, and Match, banned users who uploaded photos of themselves involved in the unrest.

Photo: FBI