Things We Believed As Kids That We Can't Believe Now

Have you ever been told a white lie as a kid? Something you firmly believed was true but turns out as you got older you realized it was wrong?

How about as a parent, have you ever told your kid a white lie to either get them to do something or explain something they're too young to understand?

Well here on the Bobby Bones Show we've all been told some white lies! Here are some lies Bobby and the crew all believed as kids that we can laugh at now.

Bobby: Babies come from a woman's belly button


Amy: Babies come from a stork


Lunchbox: Traffic reports would say disable vehicle on the road and he thought disabled people were breaking down all the time


Eddie: People in the radio are playing music live


Morgan2: If you close the door when you sleep, the boogeyman can’t get you


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Bobby Bones

Bobby Bones

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