Bobby Thought He Was Sick After His Dog Sneezed In His Mouth

Bobby Bones' fairly new bulldog pup Stanley is full of quirks. The pup has been with Bones for a few months now and Stanley has been through lots of training with the help of a certified trainer and Bones working with him at home.

Stanley does lots of puppy things when it comes to his behavior. He puts his head in the toilet when Bones is going to the bathroom, he plays with his own potty outside, and he's always chewing on everything, even Bones toes. Recently though, Stanley did something that scared Bones. Stanley was all up in his dad's face and sneezed right into Bones mouth. Naturally, Bones freaked out immediately thinking that he could get sick from Stanley after the incident.

On The Bobby Bones Show, we had on a veterinarian who said it's not impossible for a human to be sick from a dog, but it's highly unlikely. Things took a turn when another veterinarian called the show and told Bones that dogs can detect cancer and other illnesses, so Stanley smelling Bones pee could mean something bad.