TMSG: Man Returns 25-Year-Old VHS Tape to Man in Video

Jim McKay of Austin, Texas told Today that over a year ago he purchased a VCR from Goodwill.

It wasn't until recently that he discovered a tape in the VCR. The tape showed a young boy in a diaper taking his first steps with the help of his father and brother. The video was marked in September 1994.

McKay was determined to not let the video get lost or thrown out so he launched a Facebook campaign to make sure the tape found its rightful owners. He wrote on Facebook, "I found this family home video in a used VCR from Goodwill here in Texas. I really want to return it to the family. Can you help share it in your circles? Hopefully this family is still local."

The post quickly picked up steam over social media and with local news stations, and the very next night, 26-year-old TyRe Alexander received a call from his mother saying he was on television. Alexander watched the clip for the first time and says, "I haven't seen me, my dad, and brother in a room for a long time. To see that and to see all that love and everything, that took me back to a place I could never go without having that tape.

McKay's plan totally worked.