Raymundo Shares Top 5 Moments From His Bachelor Party Weekend

Raymundo spent the weekend in Las Vegas for his bachelor party. On today's Bobby Bones Show (June 30), Raymundo recapped the big weekend with his top 5 moments.

At first he shared that he and the boys had a great time, but Las Vegas isn't what it normally is. He suggested people only go there now if they're big gamblers because there's a lot of room and tables to gamble on. He also noted that they took all the precautions and wore masks the whole time they were in public. He and Lunchbox are separated from the rest of the show members until they both get the results of their upcoming coronavirus tests.

His top 5 moments from the big party weekend were:

  1. A country music artist paid for their final dinner.
  2. After losing the $250 bet to kick off the weekend, listeners Venmo'ed him over $300 to make up for the loss.
  3. They took dune buggies up to Adrenaline Mountain
  4. They met a member of the Brazilian Royal Family.
  5. Lunchbox took them to The Cosmopolitan to have the famous mouth-numbing drink, the Verbena cocktail with a Sichuan flower.