Homeless Waitress Gets Tipped With New Apartment!

Last month, Krystal’s apartment flooded to the point where she could no longer live there. She was forced to move into a hotel, but even with help from the local Red Cross, she quickly ran out of money.

Despite working two jobs – which include Pizza Hut and an organization that helps the elderly – she just wasn’t able to keep a roof over her head.

But earlier this month, everything changed when two of Krystal’s customers asked if she’d like to take their leftovers home.

Krystal accepted the food and mentioned that she was homeless.

Well, the two customers ended up giving Krystal a $560 tip on their $40 restaurant bill. Krystal said she ran after the customers "blowing kisses," but wasn’t able to say thank you in person.

After hearing the story – and learning how desperate Krystal was – many co-workers at the restaurant also chipped in to an emergency fund for her, raising enough money to pay the deposit and the first month’s rent on an apartment.

Krystal says the tip from those customers changed her life. And now, hopefully, she continues to enjoy some good luck for a change.

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