Man Gets To See His Bride Walk Down The Aisle 15 Years Later (VIDEO)

When Andrew Airey married his wife 15 years ago, he couldn't see her because of a disease that has caused his eyesight to deteriorate.

Back then, things were extremely blurry. Today, he’s legally blind.

But a new device has changed everything and gives Andrew almost perfect vision.

He and his wife put the high-tech gadget – called eSight glasses – to the test by re-creating their wedding day to celebrate their 15th anniversary. They invited the same guests to the same church – and served the same cake after the ceremony. Only this time, Andrew was able to see it all.

Andrew admitted he was most excited to see the details of his wife's face, for the first time in his life, as she walked down the aisle – an unforgettable image made possible by modern technology.

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