Trump Logo Photoshopped From Yearbook Photos

A New Jersey high school teacher has been suspended as the district investigates a case of censorship involving the school's yearbook.

It all started when student Grant Berardo opened his copy of the yearbook and noticed something odd about his picture. He took his photo wearing a T-shirt with the words "Trump Make America Great Again," but the Donald Trump slogan had mysteriously been digitally removed. Another student wore a sweater vest with Trump's name on it and that too was altered. The class president, who included a Donald Trump quote to run along with her photo, was also surprised to discover that the quote was not printed. 

The district's superintendent says the teacher, who also serves as the yearbook's adviser, has been suspended for the remainder of the year, which ends this Friday. The school says that while it does have a dress code, it does not prevent students from expressing their political views. Berardo's father wants the yearbook to be re-printed at the school's expense and re-distributed or he may threaten legal action.

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