Man Told He Can't Wear Shorts To Work... Shows Up In A Dress!

Joey, who works at a call center, couldn't take the heat anymore, so he ditched his suit and went to work wearing shorts despite the company's dress code. 30 minutes into his workday, his boss sent him home. Joey thought this was unfair because the women he works with are allowed to wear dresses, skirts and sleeveless tops. So he decided to take a stand.

Joey went home and raided his mother's closet. He found a dress that was just his size, so he changed into it and went back to work. 

He expected to be sent home again, but that didn't happen. Instead, his boss responded by making a change to the dress code. An E-mail was sent out to employees that read, "Due to the extremely warm temperatures currently, it has been agreed that...gentlemen in the office are permitted to wear three-quarter-length shorts," as long as they are black, navy or beige.

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