Real Tree or Fake Tree for Christmas?

Around the homestead, we pretty much always use a fake tree just because there's less cleanup involved through the holiday season. Let's face it, we need all the time we can get around the holidays for other things, right?

What kind of Christmas tree do you prefer in your house? Is there a trick to keeping the tree healthy so you're not constantly vacuuming or worrying about it turning brown?

If you’re planning on getting a live tree this Christmas season, you might want to consider getting it sooner rather than later. According to experts, the economic recession of 10 years ago forced many tree farmers to cut back on their planting season, so this year there are going to be a lot less trees … and they are going to be a lot more expensive. Some retailers are already predicting that they will sell out of certain tree varieties – specifically Fraser Firs, which are considered by some to be the best trees for decorating. (CBS)

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