A Classroom Full Of Santas

Nathan Neidigk has had a very rough couple of years. His wife passed away in 2015 and his two-year-old son was recently diagnosed with leukemia. 

After missing a week of school to take care of his son, Nathan returned to find some gifts on his desk. While he was out, his students pitched in to buy him a Nintendo Switch, which he mentioned he wanted but couldn't afford to get because of medical bills.

Along with the gift came a large card which reads, "You have been our guidance through this unknown land called calculus. You are the strongest man we know! Everything will be OK." 

Nathan was overwhelmed. He said, "These guys are awesome. I’m just incredibly overwhelmed with their generosity and support. It’s the guys and gals in my class that are the big reason that keeps me going during tough times." (KOB-TV Albuquerque)

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