How To Avoid Static Shock Getting Out Of The Car

This time of year, the air is soooooooo dry and that makes it a lot easier to get static electricity build up on your clothes, in your hair, and in your car! I decided that I'd had enough of getting zapped every time I reach for the car door and decided to look up ways to prevent it... Here's a few hacks that I found.

1. Hold on to the metal of the door as you exit the car - By holding on to the metal surface, the static electricity can discharge slowly instead of in one quick burst.

2. Spray your seats with fabric softener - Spraying down the seats with a "static reducing" fabric softener is supposed to reduce static build up between you and the car... Plus it freshens! :D

3. Buy shoes with conductive soles - Maybe I've seen too many movies, but this just doesn't sound like a good idea.

4. Touch the car with a coin - You might see a spark jump between the coin and the car, but the static electricity will pass through you and into the coin instead of direct contact.

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