Baby Born In Supermarket During Shopping Trip

A pregnant woman named Erica is a regular shopper at the market and came in to get a drink when she suddenly went into labor in the middle of the store. Lucky for her, the workers at the store didn't freak out. They all rushed to help her and actually delivered the baby before the paramedics arrived.

The store's surveillance cameras caught all of the drama -- from the moment Erica knelt down next to a table in pain, to the moment the baby came out and was caught by the butcher who ran over from the meat department. Workers then rallied together to wrap the baby in blankets to keep him warm until paramedics arrived. One worker even used a suction syringe to clear the baby's airway.

The paramedics eventually arrived and transported the new mom and baby to the hospital, where they are said to be doing well. (KFSN-TV)

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