The Science Behind Yanny vs Laurel

Yanny or Laurel has been blowing up the internet for the last couple of days because in this "audio illusion" your own answer could actually change... more than once! 

A professor of speech and language analyzed the audio and was able to show just how similar the audio is, and also explains about how different people can hear different things. 

It's also possible that the power of suggestion plays a role in which one you hear. For example, if someone says they hear one answer, you may be more inclined to listen for that answer than for the other option. 

As for me, if I try really hard, I can actually hear one and then the other! If you focus on a higher pitch, you're more likely to hear Laurel, but if you focus on lower pitches, you'll probably hear Yanny.

Which one do you hear? Check out this great video that explains the science behind the clip and also (SPOILER ALERT) tells you what the clip actually says!

DJ Taylor

DJ Taylor

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