Stranger Things Season 3 Trailer Is Out!

At midnight on 12/9, a new trailer for Stranger Things appeared online. While it does give us the title of each of the 8 upcoming episodes and clues us in that the new season will be set in 1985, there's still no word as to a release date for the new season. So far, Netflix will only say 2019.

If it were going to be released on a good spooky, superstitious day, the first Friday the 13th is in September... Season 2 began with October 29, 1984... The show starts with someone being abducted on November 6, 1983... 

So obviously I'm hoping they don't wait for the show dates to release. Unless they want to have a New Years Day episode. Then I'd be okay with that! Check out the tweet from @Stranger_Things below and let me know what you hope to see in the new season in the comments below!

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