The Most Popular Netflix Show In Arkansas In 2018

The people at took the time to put together a list of 40 Netflix shows, and then used Google Trends to figure out which one was the most popular across the country and in each state in 2018.

Not a huge surprise that Stranger Things, one of my favorites, made the top 5 in the country, along with Orange Is The New Black, and the recently cancelled Daredevil!

As for individual states, there is a wide variety of shows that people love to binge... And in our nation's capitol, there is a 16 WAY TIE for the most popular thing to watch on Netflix! 

Also, according to the report, people here in Arkansas just can't seem to get enough of the show Riverdale... That's one that I haven't really picked up on yet, but then again, I had to binge the new season of Daredevil on the day it came out, so... yeah.

Check out the full guide to each state and then let me know about your favorite show to binge on Netflix in the comments below!

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