Don't Watch Bird Box In The Dark!

If you're wondering about the new Netflix Original movie Bird Box, I'm here to tell you... Don't watch it in the dark! It's probably one of the scarier things I've watched on the movie service in the last few years! And I don't know if it's more from the storyline itself or the genuine concern for Sandra Bullock's character, but this was truly a very intense movie to me.

It all starts with Malorie (Bullock) gathering two kids to get in a boat, fleeing the safety of their house wearing blindfolds. She gives the kids a warning to NEVER take the blindfolds off, and then they set off down the river... Flash back a few years, and Malorie is painting a picture and getting ready for her prenatal exam while talking to Jessica (played by Sarah Paulson). They see on TV about some sort of problem in Russia and Europe and mass suicides, but "it's in Russia so..." so she mutes the TV and they don't worry about it???

Anyway, for the rest of the movie we flash forward to Malorie and two kids trying to make it to a safe place, then flash back for a few minutes to tell the story, and so it goes for the remainder of the movie. There are lots of tense moments with the scary "monsters" in this film as well as some genuinely scary human elements in the mix.

Overall, it's a good scary movie, even if a tad formulated. If you're up late at night and want to check out something to give you the creeps, find it on Netflix. 

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