Baby DJ Update - 2.19.19

Thanks to everyone who's been emailing, tweeting, etc. to ask about the baby that's on the way! Wanted to post a quick update and let y'all know what's going on.

Had a doctor's appointment yesterday and he said that Baby B is looking fantastic and that Mommy is a real trooper! All the vitals are looking good and the baby is actually pacing ahead of time for his size!

Meanwhile, baby has decided that he really doesn't like ultrasounds very much, and all we got was his pictures of his nose and mouth, and him sticking his tongue out at us a couple of times...

Aside from the fact that Baby B really likes his privacy, it was also brought up that we may be moving up his delivery date. Seems that he's quickly running out of room in there and I'm sure any mama will tell you that after about 36 weeks it starts getting really tough. The doctor says that while everyone is okay, there's no reason to put extra stress on either of them and that the little guy will be okay if we deliver early.

All I have to say is that as long as they're both healthy, I'll be excited to have him here so I can hug on him and show him off to the family whenever he arrives. :)

Again, thanks to everyone for the thoughts, well wishes, and all the prayers. They are definitely appreciated while we try to get ready for this little guy's arrival and while we try ever-so-hard to sell a house and find a new one big enough for the growing family! So much going on right now it's unreal!

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