Baby DJ Update 2-26-19

Huge thank you to everyone who's been tweeting, messaging, and emailing about the baby that my wife and I are expecting! Here's the latest on what's happening as we get closer to time for our new bundle of joy!

Went to the doctor yesterday for our weekly appointment, and it seems that we'll be catching up even more often now! Doc says we need to come back in on Thursday for another checkup. Not that there's anything wrong with our little fella, but he said "we don't want any drama this close to the end" so he wants to check on us again in a couple of days.

Plus, sad to say, mommy got some sort of sinus infection over the last couple of days and that's making things pretty difficult. Hard to get any decent sleep when you can't breathe well... Let alone when you're 8 months pregnant AND you can't breathe well. Doctor said a little antibiotic will go a long way to help.

So, everyone in the family is starting to play "Guess The Baby's Size" and that's been exciting! The 7 year old says he will be 7lbs 9oz... The 10 year old says he will be 9lbs 2oz, or maybe 10lbs 2oz! Bet you can guess which one Mama hopes is more accurate, huh?? At this point, it's really just a matter of time before the new addition to our family arrives! He's supposed to be here around mid-March, but we may or may not actually get to that 39wk mark! Should be interesting to see what that does for everyone's guesses on how big the baby will be when he gets here!

Thanks again to everyone for the thoughts and prayers. Please keep it up! Between the planning for baby boy's arrival and open house appointments, this week has been crayyyyyyyyyyyyzeeeeeeeeeeee! I'll have another update for y'all after the visit later in the week!

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