Kid Trades His XBOX To Buy His Mom A Car!

13 year old William Preston did something pretty spectacular when he snuck out to buy his mom a car!!! Krystal Preston said that he had been mowing lawns and cleaning yards, so it wasn't anything out of the ordinary for him to leave for a little while... But then he came back and told her that he bought her a car!

She shared the story on her Facebook page and said that she thought he was joking around, but it turns out he was very serious! William convinced his mom to go outside, where a woman was waiting to give them a ride to pick up a white, 1999 Chevy Metro! The story goes that he reached out and asked if he could trade his XBOX for it and do some work to earn the car. At first she said no, but then thought about it and changed her mind.

Meanwhile, Krystal said that she was speechless and in "complete shock" over the whole thing because she had been dealing with an unexpected situation and had been trying to take care of her three kids and to make ends meet without any transportation!

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