WATCH: New live-action Sonic The Hedgehog movie trailer with Jim Carrey!

Today, Paramount Pictures released a new trailer for their upcoming Sonic The Hedgehog live action movie starring Jim Carrey!

In the trailer you'll hear Ben Schwartz (Jean-Ralphio from Parks and Rec) as the voice of Sonic and Jim Carrey will be playing the role of his arch enemy Dr. Robotnik. While Carrey doesn't really look like the video game villain for most of the trailer, if you watch all the way to the end, we get a sneak peek that shows more of what you would expect to see from the digital baddie.

Personally, I couldn't tell you how many hours of my life were spent playing the original Sonic the Hedgehog series on Sega, but I can say that if they do it right, this could be a really great way to introduce my son to one of my old gaming past times!

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