Baby DJ Update 7.2.19 - The 4 Month Checkup Tantrum

Hard to believe it's time for another Baby DJ update, but here we are!

Where to begin!?!?! First of all, I'm thankful to report that we get to see this smiling happy face a lot more than when he was smaller. A little change in diet goes a long way, and thankfully, this little guy has a FANTASTIC doctor that guided us to a formula that didn't hurt his tummy. (Mama and daddy's pocket book? Whole different story! But what wouldn't you give for a healthy kiddo, right?) In any case, after a couple of months on some special formula and a little baby Zantac, he laughs and smiles instead of his fuss-fits of old... which brings me to his 4 month checkup and the worst tantrum he has EVER thrown.

It started out as any other day... A bottle, some giggles, a little fuss when it was time to put clothes on, but happy as could be otherwise. Mom and dad drop the siblings off at the Grandparents and head to the doctor's office for a checkup. We find out that he's grown another 2" since his last visit and that he's gained around 5lbs! The doctor then tells us that he's gotta slow down a bit on bottles and try not to gain so quickly. And then it was time for his 4 month vaccinations...

Did you know that some babies get so mad that they QUIT BREATHING? Oh yeah. In fact, they have a name for it: Breath Holding Spells. Not a really imaginative name, but it does get the point across... The part it doesn't mention is that it sends moms and dads into a full blown panic in about 5 seconds if they don't know what's happening! According to the C.S. Mott Children's Hospital website it can be brought on by anger, frustration, or pain. Baby boy just got 3 shots in the leg in rapid succession and I'm pretty sure it hurt, but WOW was he aaaaaaaaaaangry. And then he got quiet and started to change color, but he was stiff as a post.

The doctor swooped into the room and immediately did something I'd have never guessed. She blew into his face and he began to snap out of it! Seems there are several ways to treat or stop Breath Holding Spells in infants and that's the go-to method! (Now if only there was a way to warn parents BEFORE something like this happened.) After things calmed down, we got some information about what happened and what caused it, and also some new formula to try.

I'm happy to say that things have been going well since then. In fact, we've had the chance to get outdoors and have some fun, without any real fussing at all! And the new formula seems to keep him full for longer, which is a plus.

Thanks to everyone for all the continued prayers for our little family, and please keep it up! We can always use it!

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