Baby DJ Update - Real Food or Not Real Food?

Baby DJ 7-16-19 a

Been a little while and thought I'd give you guys and gals the latest about the youngest member of the house and how things are going since the now-infamous Breath Holding Incident of 2019...

So. The doctor said that we could start a new formula and that if things went well, we could start supplementing with cereal and things like that. Happy to report that after two weeks, the formula is doing well (even if it's pretty hard to find - I'm looking at you Wally World) so we thought we would start trying some cereal around dinner time. Apparently, my wife and I have brought a foodie with an extremely sensitive palate!

After carefully mixing formula with some oatmeal cereal, we sat him down for a bite in his brand new high-chair. Turns out, he's not a fan!

I'm not entirely sure if he actually ate any of it, but I know that once he got a bite to his mouth, he was... unimpressed. Hahaha! Actually, there was a whole different reason for the food snobbery that came at the dinner table. He'd already had better!

Baby DJ 7-16-19b

As it turns out, Grandma snuck him a tiny bit of over-ripe banana over the weekend, and I'm pretty sure he's been holding out for another nibble ever since! And before anyone says anything else, let me share that according to The Mayo Clinic, any time after 4 months should be fine to start feeding babies real food as a supplement. But as always, you'll wanna ask a doctor before starting a newborn(ish) baby on anything other than breast milk or formula.

Thanks again to everyone who has asked about this little guy and about the family. Always appreciate that and always appreciate the well wishes, thoughts and prayers for him and his mama. Keep 'em coming!

Another update coming soon!

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