Fisher-Price Goes Old School With Toddler Boombox and Mixtapes!

Toy brand Fisher-Price is introducing a new line of infant and toddler toys, and they’ve got me feeling old-school!

Fisher-Price took inspiration from ‘80s and ‘90s pop culture to create its new retro-inspired toys for babies and toddlers, and it’s got us reminiscing about why we still can’t get enough of those iconic decades. And whether you’re an ‘80s or ‘90s kid or a fan of their movies and music, you’ll totally dig the new Laugh & Learn® line that includes a pretend boombox, a mixtape and a hand-held gaming device the brand has developed that allows parents and caregivers to “introduce” these items to a new generation of children.

These toys have interactive details that induce nostalgia for caregivers and produce fun motor skill activities for toddlers.

You'd better believe that I'm super-excited about these new toys, especially with the youngest about to turn 2 and I just know he'd get a kick out of these!

The new toys include:

  • Laugh & Learn® Puppy's Mixtape – There was an art to making the perfect mixtape. With Puppy’s Mixtape, we’ve done the work for parents and caregivers, incorporating content that teaches the alphabet, counting, colors and more via songs, sounds and phrases. While I’m sure we all remember the challenge with cassette tape ribbon, we have made that experience fun for babies by introducing an interactive tape ribbon that little ones can wind up and down. 
  • Laugh & Learn® Busy Boombox – One of our designers pulled an old boombox out of the attic, and quickly realized the product’s many knobs offered the opportunity for it to be turned into a toy. Enter the Busy Boombox, a light-up pretend stereo loaded with activities, music and sounds. The boombox’s cool tunes teach the alphabet, counting, colors and more as baby slides the station tuner, presses and toggles the switches, or opens and closes the cassette deck. When we tested the item in our Play Lab, kids loved it, gravitating toward the various buttons and levers.
  • Laugh & Learn® Lil' Gamer – This handheld “gaming console” takes families back to the ‘80s and ‘90s with a D-pad, A and B buttons, pretend game cartridge and a light-up screen. The toy integrates music, sounds and phrases, and teaches directions, colors, numbers and shapes.

The Laugh & Learn line was created more than 15 years ago as a platform to teach the alphabet, counting, shapes and more through everyday objects children see at home. Now, this line will also bring those learning experiences to life through toy versions of nostalgic products that parents and caregivers grew up with.