Mitchell Tenpenny Reveals His Real Life "Me vs. Drunk Me" Situations


Born and raised in Nashville, singer/songwriter Mitchell Tenpenny was born for a career in country music. The budding star released his hit single, "Drunk Me," earlier this year, as well as his self-titled EP, and now, Tenpenny has his sights set on his debut full-length album. 

Mitchell tells iHeartRadio, "We finally have a full length record done. I can't wait to get it out. It's coming out in December, and I couldn't be more excited about it. It's gonna have eight new songs all written by me and my best friends. I've just been playing them, kinda teasing songs out at concerts, testing them out, but I'm just itching to get this thing out."

While fans wait for Mitchell's debut LP, they can still jam out to "Drunk Me," which is inspired by a true story. He tells us of the song, "When you have a heart break and you head to the bar to try to drink them off your mind, and it never works out. Me, personally I, you know, you take a couple shots, the next thing you know you're just thinking about them even more. So I wanted to write that song about someone who quit drinking for a little bit to stand a chance of getting over somebody."

Speaking of which, naturally, most people do things when they've had a few that maybe they wouldn't do when they're sober. So we presented Mitchell with several real-life situations and asked him to tell us "Me" or "Drunk Me." 

When you order pizza at 2am

"That's honestly both, because I can be really hungry at night and I can think I'm really hungry at night, so either one."

Mitchell Tenpenny "Me vs. Drunk Me"

When you send that risky text

"Yeah, definitely drunk me. For sure."

Mitchell Tenpenny "Me vs. Drunk Me"

When you sing karaoke

"Yeah, that's drunk me. I don't normally like singing outside of performing, like on stage, so I have to be very well-intoxicated to do karaoke."

Mitchell Tenpenny "Me vs. Drunk Me"

When you try to use a cheesy pickup line

'That's drunk me, as well. I'm actually really shy, so, yeah. I gotta have some liquid courage for that."

Mitchell Tenpenny "Me vs. Drunk Me"

When you are late-night online shopping

"I do that sober all the time. I love Amazon and I just love getting a package at your door. It's like Christmas."

Mitchell Tenpenny "Me vs. Drunk Me"

When you slide into someone's DM's

"Unless it's like an athlete. Like, I love to try my luck with sports athletes and Titans. I'm a Titans fan ... so hit me back!"

Mitchell Tenpenny "Me vs. Drunk Me"

When you fall asleep on the way home

Yeah, when I fall asleep on the way home, definitely drunk me, for sure."

Mitchell Tenpenny "Drunk Me vs. Sober Me"

When you make plans, and then forget that you made plans

"That's drunk me. I do that all the time. 'Yeah, dude. We should totally work out tomorrow at 7 AM.' Not really. Never happens."

Mitchell Tenpenny "Me vs. Drunk Me"

When you find random money in your pockets

"I hope it's sober me so I can save it, but if drunk me founds out I'm going to buy pizza, like we talked about earlier."

Mitchell Tenpenny "Me vs. Drunk Me"

When you are creeping on someone's social media

"Well, if you're investigating for the right reasons, that's sober me. Drunk me might do investigating for other reasons."

Mitchell Tenpenny "Me vs. Drunk Me"

When you lose your stuff

"That's sober me. I lose stuff all the time. I actually lost my wallet last week in New York City and I was completely sober. That's just me being clumsy."

Mitchell Tenpenny "Me vs. Drunk Me"

Photos: Rachel Kaplan


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