Ways to call it a day when you are working from home

While it’s nice to cut out the commute home when you’re working remotely, there is something missing without it. Namely, an indication that you’re done for the day. Far too many people are pushing it way past their paid work hours at home and it could because they’re missing an end of the day ritual. Here are some ways experts say you should shut things down from your home office:

  • Make a list of any outstanding tasks. When your paid hours are coming to a close, take a moment to write out any tasks you weren’t able to get done. Jesse Kahn, the director at theGender & Sexuality Therapy Center, says to ask yourself “what are the things that need wrapping up that you weren’t able to get to today? What are things you want to remember to check on?” This is an effort not only to help you remember what you have to do tomorrow but is a signal to your brain that you’re done for the night.
  • Put away your computer and other work stuff. When it comes to work devices, it’s best to have them out of sight, so you can keep them out of mind. Clinical psychologist Jessica DiVento says if you don’t separate yourself after work that “you could be watching your favorite TV show and mindlessly grab your phone or laptop to answer emails.” Unless you’re an emergency room worker, it all can wait until the morning. Put your stuff away!
  • Take a walk around the block. While the traffic stunk, at least on your ride home you got to listen to your favorite music or catch up with friends. Here’s the thing though. You can still do all that and get some fresh air at the same time. Environmental psychologist Lee Chambershighly recommends taking an after-work walk. Not only does it invigorate the senses, but it also makes a physical split between work and home time.

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