You Might Recognize 'Bachelor' Contestant From Taylor Swift Music Video

Photo: Getty Images, ABC

If one of the contestants on this season of The Bachelor looks familiar, it's because she was in a Taylor Swift music video!

Christina Mandrell has been making waves across Bachelor Nation since her unforgettable party bus entrance — especially since Bachelor Zach Shallcross seems to have taken a liking to the Nashville native. Not only is Mandrell, 26, the daughter of musician and Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell Sisters star Irene Mandrell and niece of Country Music Hall of Fame singer Barbara Mandrell, but the content creator was also featured in a T-Swift music video!

Mandrell made a cameo in "Fifteen," one of Swift's most popular songs to date since its release in 2008. In the rainy umbrella scene at the very end of the video, Mandrell is clearly seen talking to a classmate and the music video ends as she looks over at Swift.

She even addressed it on social media where she said, "Apparently I look at Zach the same way I look at Taylor Swift. New Conspiracy theory, first I stared at Taylor, then stared at Zach, which inevitably leads to me crying on the STAIRs 🤯"

If that wasn't enough, Mandrell also appeared in Hannah Montana: The Movie as a student and a handful of other films, according to her IMDb profile.

This shocking revelation was met, of course, with hilarious memes from Bachelor Nation. Here's a look at some of the funniest:

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