The New Viral "Koala Challenge"

So, the new thing that's going around on the internet is the new #KoalaChallenge, and unless you're in REALLY good shape, probably not something you really want to try.

Short version is that you need one person to stand there (the tree) and the other to be the koala. The challenge is that the koala basically uses the other person like a human jungle gym and climbs all over them. The trick to it is, you start with the koala person hanging off the front of the "tree" person and then they have to climb the whole way around WITHOUT touching the ground. Like this:

I'm pretty sure it helps if the "koala" is petite and the "tree" person is tall with strong arms and legs...

Honestly though, thanks to American Ninja Warrior, I've seen this challenge a few times before thanks to some of their challenges and social media antics, including the one below from Jessie Graff with her mom, as well as one from Tianna Webberley!

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