Baby DJ Update 3-11-19

So, last week, the doctor visit didn't go quite the way everyone expected... Mama and I went to the doctor expecting to have a normal checkup and then head back to work, but things took a slightly different path.

After a quick check of Mama's vitals, we found ourselves headed to the hospital for monitoring because of blood pressure! While we were there, we started getting all this paperwork to fill out, and the next thing you know, we're sending out text messages to the entire family saying "We're having a baby tomorrow!"

We managed to get a decent night's sleep while waiting for the baby to arrive, and then it was time for Mama to head back while Dad had to put on every piece of hospital gear they had. LOL!

And then just a few minutes later, Baby DJ has entered the world and the family began to arrive to meet the newest family member!

Just really want to say thanks so much to everyone who sent emails, texts, messages, along with all those prayers and well wishes! Everyone is home safe and sound, and we are so grateful for everything.

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