Baby DJ Update 3-26-19

I think March might go down in history as the busiest month I've ever seen... Ever!

First thing: update on the family. Mama is doing really well and seems to be fully recovered from her C-section, and Baby DJ is doing really well also! He's staying hungry and packing on those first few pounds! (Oh, to be at the age where you had to "try" to pack on pounds, right? Hahaha!)

In case you haven't heard the full story, here goes.

Not only did our new little man get here a couple of weeks early, but our family has kinda outgrown the house that we've been living in. Time for a new house, right? Well, it just so happens that we got an offer on our place and made an offer on a new house while trying to take care of our new bundle of joy! Should be no problem to pack a whole house and get moved with a newborn, right? LOL

All kidding aside, Mama and Daddy are tired, but thanks to some family members coming by to help pack over the weekend, we're getting there. Everything seems to be falling into place, and everyone is healthy, so I really can't ask for more... Unless it would be to magically transport everything to the new house and have it set up for me... I would totally wish for that. LOL!

Thanks again to everyone for the well wishes, thoughts and prayers for Baby DJ and for the whole family while we try to move AND keep our sanity intact!

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