Where To Get International Pi Day Freebies And Specials

International Pi Day in March 14th (3.14), and there’s good news! In order to get the most out of this annual, world-wide celebration, no math is required. Unless you want to add up all the savings you can snag on pie (with an e) in honor of the mathematical constant π (pi).

Even if you can’t remember any digits beyond 3.14, here are the basics:

Pi or π, is a ratio. It is the relationship between the circumference of a circle and its diameter—meaning that the distance around the edge of a circle is a tad more than three times the distance across the circle. The number is exceptional because it is necessary to calculate thousands of things we use every day. Here are just a few fun pi facts:

  • Pi never ends. It literally goes on for millions of digits past the decimal point.
  • The Guinness World Record holder for reciting the most digits of π from memory is Rajveer Meena, who recited 70,000 digits in a little over nine hours.
  • March 14 is Albert Einstein’s birthday (born in 1879). And in Princeton, New Jersey, where he lived for over 20 years, the town celebrates with an Einstein look-alike contest every year.
  • Had no one ever calculated the ratio, circular shapes would still exist, but our world would look much different. As an example, all four of your car’s tires would be only roughly the same size.
  • NASA uses up to 15 digits of π in its calculations for sending spacecraft to other planets.

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Now that you know, you ready for some Pi Day Deals? Here's the list of some of the deals you can find in Central Arkansas.

Disclaimer: Please read all coupon details and call your local restaurant to make sure the offer is eligible for your location.

International Pi Day Deals:

BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse: All day, March 14, BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse will be honoring Pi Day with a Half-Off Large Pizza Special. The easy part will be choosing between Deep Dish or Tavern Cut. The tough part will be deciding between the 15 pizza options from there. Only available for takeout and delivery and you must enter the promo code “HALFOFF.”

Blaze Pizza: Get a sweet Pi Day reward good for one FREE 11-inch Simple Pie or one 11-inch, one-topping Pepperoni Pizza for just $3.14 when you download the Blaze Pizza app. The formula isn’t hard, just download the app, sign up for Blaze Rewards and set your location. The reward will be sent to you and can be redeemed through April 12.

Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen: When you buy one homemade chicken pot pie you’ll receive one free on March 14. This is for dine-in and to-go orders.

Fresh Market: They are offering a $3.14 discount on chicken pot pies and 9-inch apple and cherry pies.

Hungry Howie’s: From March 13 through the 16, order any bread item and get a medium one-topping pizza for only $3.14.

Marco’s Pizza: Buy one large pizza and get one for $3.14 when you use the promo code PIDAY.

Marie Callender’s: Covering all the bases on Pi Day, Marie Callender’s is running a special on their Pot Pie Family Meal To-Go. Get four Mini Pot Pies for $39.95. Their Lip Smacking Lemon Meringue Pie is just $9.99 (plus tin) and the Luscious Lemon Cake Pie is $17.99 (plus tin).

Papa John’s: Celebrating Pi Day in an Epic way, Papa John’s will be offering a large, one-topping Epic Stuffed Crust pizza for just $12.

Pilot Flying J: Between March 12 and 14, launch your Pilot Flying J app at any of their 350 travel centers to enjoy an extra-large, handmade whole pizza pie for just $9.99 in celebration of Pi Day. Feed the entire family for under $10 without having to calculate the circumference of this 16-inch diameter pie.

Whole Foods: Whole Foods are joining in on the Pi Day mania with their deal of $3.14 off all whole pies, plus an extra 10% off for Amazon Prime members.