Common Mistake We Make in Relationships

When a relationship fails many often wonder why. And while sometimes there can be major issues, more often than not it’s the little mistakes folks are making that are causing things to go south.

Well, recently someone on Reddit sought to find out just what those are, asking, “What are common mistakes people make in a relationship?,” and folks were happy to chime in. 

Common relationship mistakes include:

  • "Trying too hard to avoid potential arguments to avoid conflict rather than hashing it out before the issue becomes too big to handle."
  • "Labeling your partner the source of all your happiness and joy."
  • "It’s easy to get so comfortable in a relationship that you take it (or the other person) for granted."
  • "Not listening and being defensive. When your partner is upset about something you do, really listen to them. Resist the urge to always defend yourself. Take a pause. Evaluate and try to understand how something is making them feel."
  • “Assuming your partner should know what you want if they love you.”
  • "Your S.O. is not your mother/father. If you cannot take care of yourself on your own, maybe you shouldn't try to have a relationship with someone."
  • "Being jealous about everything and everyone. Partners are not properties."
  • "Codependency. You have to be comfortable with yourself, and you need your own interests, goals, and desires separate from your partner. Invest in yourself first!"
  • "Not saying 'I'm sorry' or 'thank you.' Just because the person is with you doesn't mean that you shouldn't treat them as well as you would a stranger or someone who helps you out." 

Are you guilty of any of these common mistakes? Do you think they may have ruined a past relationship?

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Source: Buzzfeed