Bride Asks To Put Nine-Year-Old Stepdaughter In Shapewear For Snug Dress

We are used to hearing stories of ridiculous demands brides have made of their bridal party, or their family, but one bride-to-be is being blasted for her question about something she’s considering asking her nin-year-old stepdaughter to wear. 

The bride posted her question on Facebook and asked how folks feel about her putting her young stepdaughter in shapewear for the wedding. While she insisted it wasn’t a “body shaming post,” she notes that her soon-to-be stepdaughter’s dress “is a little snug,” adding, “I figured why not try a body shaper to smooth out some of the edges to give that perfect fit." The bride says with the wedding only five days away the dress cannot be altered, and is only “snug in the waist.”

As you can imagine, most people came down hard on the bride for even thinking such a thing.

  • "This right here is one of the main reasons girls have low self-esteem," one user argued. "If their mothers don’t accept them, who will?"
  • "Why people are so reluctant to buy the size that fits their kid," another commented. "Stop taking your body issues out on your kids. It really messes them up."
  • There was one person who tried to argue it wasn’t “a big deal,” but the Internet was having none of it.
  • "For a NINE-year-old? That is a child," someone fired back. "That’s how teenagers end up with eating disorders and body dysmorphia." 

Source: Fox News