Jess Jennings

Jess Jennings

Hi, I'm Jess! I'm a hot-mess momma who loves growing groceries... canning pickles, jams, and jellies... and playin' ALL the country favorites to get us through the workday!


Your New Year Horoscope Defined in One Word

One of the problems with long-term horoscopes is that they drone on and on… But what if you could boil your 2023 down into one word? That's exactly what the folks at PureWow have done, so get ready to plunge into the new year with one word in mind, such as:

Aries: Worthy

Taurus: Glow

Gemini: Renew

Cancer: Miracles

Leo: Success

Virgo: Freedom

Libra: Growth

Scorpio: Love

Sagittarius: Health

Capricorn: Bliss

Aquarius: Revive

Pisces: Trust

What one word do you hope describes your 2023?

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